Venom Brewing Cherry Sour

Venom Brewing

Published February 10, 2021

Venom founders Joel and Janna Drysdale built their brewing company upon resolutely normal beers (and distinctive branding, of course). Their flagship is a characterful Golden Ale, while in the early years the "experimental" in terms of limited releases stretched to a winter Black IPA release. As with much of the beer world, however, the times have been a-changing; in 2020, they were involved in releasing a hazy DIPA with Deeds, a triple IPA with Coburg Brewing Co, a dentist-bothering imperial sour version of the Portello soft drink, and a lurid green, Midori Illusion-inspired thing.

All of which makes the appearance of Cherry Sour – a one-off for now that's pencilled in as a potential core range addition – a logical progression. The beer pours a deeper crimson than the bright red label, matching a boiled lolly cherry aroma with flavours that are sweet-meets-mildly-tangy rather than sour. It's not as far from beer's traditions as that recent pair, but still very much a soft drink like offering likely to appeal to those not in the market for beers the way they used to be.

James Smith

Cherry Sour
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