What is The Crafty Pint

The Crafty Pint is Australia's leading beer site, visited by more than twice as many people as any other beer news source in the country. It was born out of a desire to provide coverage of the craft beer revolution that was sweeping Australia. The aim was to do justice to the efforts of the men and women changing the country's drinking habits and give them and their supporters a voice that they were lacking at a time when most media – and indeed most Australians – ignored craft beer or dismissed it as a fad.

Since launching in September 2010, it has played a role in driving the growth of the Australian craft beer industry. Day in, day out, the site has been telling readers who's brewing what and where to find both the breweries and their beer. It showcases the bars and bottleshops who are throwing their weight behind better beers. And it is packed with updates on the latest one-off specialty beers and all the best beer-related events the country has to offer as well as original writing on beer from both sides of the bar.

The Crafty Pint team, which now includes close to 20 contributors from across the country, is also involved in running events – big, small and unique – including many for members of our beer lovers bonus scheme, The Crafty Cabal. The site's creator is a founder of Good Beer Week and was its festival director until June 2015. He has also written two beer books, 150 Great Australian Beers - Your Guide to Craft Beer and Beyond, and The Great Australian Beer Guide.

The site is independently operated and does not run native advertising or sponsored content within its editorial section – read more about this here. There is a distinct division: the directory pages are paid for by businesses that choose to support the site and help keep it running, but all News, Features and beer write ups are done the old-fashioned way: written because they have editorial value for readers not because someone has paid us to write them.

We take great delight in our mission to put class in your glass and hope we are doing justice to the wonderful way in which Australian beer culture is, at long last, becoming cultured.

How We Operate

Shortly after the site's fifth anniversary, on the back of much talk about where the beer industry was heading following a spate of high profile sales overseas and at home, we decided to lay our cards on the table.

Nothing in the article "On A Mission" had ever been hidden but we felt that, as we were writing articles about honesty, transparency, ownership and so on in the industry at the time, we'd bare all. It's probably the quickest and easiest way to understand what The Crafty Pint is all about in one space.

Read the article here

What is The Crafty Pint?

The Crafty Pint brings together Australia’s craft brewers, the bars dedicated to promoting homegrown craft beer and bottleshops where you’re guaranteed to find a wide selection of those beers in one place and staff who know what they’re talking about. The idea is that everyone from the keenest beer lover to someone who’s just sampled their first good beer can find everything there is to know about the Australian craft beer scene in just a few clicks of their mouse.

Within the site, you’ll find a page for each brewery, bar and bottleshop. There, you can read the story behind each one, view photos, access an interactive map to guide you to their door, learn about individual beers and check out what they've got going on.

Elsewhere, you’ll find:

  • The latest news from the Australian craft beer scene
  • Fresh writing from beer bloggers and people within the craft beer industry
  • Regular beer-related features, from Q&As with beer people to beer and food recipes
  • The best craft beer events
  • Beer specials – a section dedicated to one-off and seasonal beers telling you when and where they’ll be tapped to make sure you need never miss a drop

There’s an rapidly expanding amount of great beer being made in every state across Australia and The Crafty Pint wants you to taste it. So, grab your mouse, fill your glass and discover the world of Aussie craft beer.

How come my awesome local bar / bottleshop / brewery isn't listed?

It could be for a number of reasons. 

Perhaps we doesn’t know about them yet, in which case please tell us and we can get in touch. 

Maybe we do know about them but haven't had the time to visit to put together a listing. We took the decision before launching that we would do things the hard way: visit every place that wants a listing and compile the listings (with a business' approval) ourselves rather than ask people to submit their own photos and words. We believe this adds independent verification of a place and also means we can talk about them with personal knowledge, thereby making the site more authoritative.

There is also the chance that they have chosen not to be listed. We charge a subscription fee to listed breweries, venues and bottleshops that helps us provide all the crafty goodness we do to readers for free. Some businesses choose not to pay this and we never chase anyone to do so. We have a tough enough time keeping up with all the ones who do want to be listed!

Can I sign up my brewery or venue?

If you're making or selling great Australian craft beer, then drop us a line. We'll send you through a kit explaining what's involved and can take things from there. 

Can I submit articles for The Crafty Pint?

The Crafty Pint is run by a very small team of dedicated and passionate beer folks. We have a number of contributors scattered around the country but if you can write well and have an interesting story about beer, then we're all ears.

Email us with your story ideas and a bit about yourself to crafty@craftypint.com and we can take it from there. We pay little more than peanuts, but that applies to those of us who've been building the site from scratch too. And surely peanuts is better than a kick in the nuts.

How do I advertise on The Crafty Pint?

If you have a suitably crafty and beer-related business or event to tell the world about then we have a number of options through which you can promote it. Drop us a line at crafty@craftypint.com and we'll send you a Media Kit.

Why can't I find some of the most popular Australian beers on here?

The Crafty Pint is all about helping the little guy and those brewers striving to make flavoursome beer that offers their drinkers an experience worth remembering, whether by serving up a new taste experience or by giving them an amazing place in which to drink it. We're pretty sure VB, XXXX Gold and the like can look after themselves; we want to give the scores of brewers making up the crafty corner of the market a leg up.

How am I supposed to know what all these different beer styles are?

Even if you're new to the contemporary craft beer world, in time, terms like IPA, ESB, Abbey Dubbel and imperial porter will be rolling off your tongue like you’re a seasoned pro. To accelerate the process, there are many things you can do. 

We've got a simple beer glossary on the site, kindly provided by the people behind the Victorian Craft Beer Lover’s Guide, and post regular features on different styles from a brewer shortlisted for the AIBA Beer Media Award in 2014 – usually in conjunction with one of our regular Blind Tastings. Further educational features are added from time to time, written by brewers and beer experts themselves, while just reading The Crafty Pint should ensure knowledge seeps in by osmosis.

In the meantime, you can always head to your local brewery, beer bar or quality bottleshop, have a chat to the staff, grab yourself some tasty beer, pour yourself a glass, sit back and enjoy. Or (shameless plug time) you could grab a copy of 150 Great Australian Beers - Your Guide to Craft Beer and Beyond by The Crafty Pint's founder James Smith. Published nationwide by Hardie Grant, it covers in easily-digestible form the history of beer in Australia, brewing, beer & food, a multitude of beer styles and also offers up 150 of the best drops available in Australia.

Why are there no beer reviews or ratings?

For many reasons. Everyone’s tastes are different so why listen to one person’s view over another? There are plenty of sites out there where professionals or amateurs (mostly the latter!) rate away to their hearts' content.

Instead, The Crafty Pint endeavours to bring you descriptions of the beers and the stories behind them, where possible having tasted the beer itself to ensure you’re not just reading rehashed tasting notes from the brewers themselves. At the end of the day, the best approach is to try them yourself, decide which styles and brewers you like and watch as your palate develops over time.

That said, if a beer takes our fancy, you might find the descriptions getting that little bit more excitable...

Where can I find out about beers that aren't Australian or crafty?

There’s a wealth of information about beer online from pretty much every country in the world so we’re not even going to try and list them here. A few you should check out, however, are:

Australian Brews News – If you’re interested in the wider world of Australian beer, including the big boys, and appreciate good writing and in-depth analysis of trends and issues, look no further than this site created by respected beer writer (AIBA Beer Media 2014 winner) Matt Kirkegaard.

Microbrewing – one of the first sites focused on the Australian microbrewing scene, this was set up by West Australian brewing legend John Stallwood, founder of Nail Brewing. It has a strong industry focus and reproduces beer stories from all over the world on its news pages.

Aussie Home Brewer – If you've ever considered making a brew yourself, here’s the place loads of others hang out online to discuss their brews, techniques and everything else you could possibly want to know about making beer at home.

Beer Advocate – A US site with the most active beer forum in the world.

There’s also a growing number of Aussie beer bloggers out there covering all different aspects of the beer scene. We've featured a bunch on The Crafty Pint, giving them the chance to tell you why you should be subscribing to their thoughts.

You've got a beer listed at a certain venue but it wasn't there when I called in. Why is that?

While we’ll do our very best to be the first to let you know about new, limited release beers and at which venues you’ll find them, it’s nigh on impossible to be 100 percent accurate all of the time. Just because a bar or bottleshop has taken delivery of a beer doesn’t mean they've put it on tap yet. Likewise, they may have sold out.

If you’re desperate to try a certain beer, the safest bet is to contact the venue direct or – if they have one – check their Twitter feed or Facebook page (both listed on their page on this site) or one of the growing number of tap-listing sites (speaking of which, watch out for a new partnership featuring The Crafty Pint soon...) as many use these to post updates on new arrivals. 

What are the rules for competitions run by The Crafty Pint?

Unless otherwise stated, the following rules apply to all competitions run on the website or in weekly newsletters:

Competition open to over-18s only
Entrants must be Australian residents
One entry per person
Multiple entries will be disqualified
Automated entries, bulk entries or third party entries will be disqualified
In cases where there is to be a winner drawn at random, we will use a random number generator to pick winner(s) from all valid entries at the stated time and date
Winners will be contacted via email as indicated within the competition
The Judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered in to
The Crafty Pint’s policy is such that we will not pass on your details to any third party without your prior consent

Where prizes are to be posted out, the winner must provide a postal address within Australia. Winners living on cattle stations in the middle of nowhere may have to travel to collect their winnings…!

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