177 Gale Road
WA 6280

Open Hours

Mon to Thurs: 11am to 5pm
Friday: 11am to 8pm
Sat & Sun: 11am to 6pm

The first thing to understand about the Beerfarm is that it’s not just a brewery. Yes, there’s half a million litres of beer flowing out of its home in Metricup, in the Margaret River region, each year; however, in many ways the Beerfarm upends the late twenty-teen beer business model by focusing just as much on the experience.

“You can have beer and you can have a good time but you need something to connect them,” says co-owner George Scott. “Our view was to create a venue that becomes an institution and a national beer brand that goes alongside it and put Metricup on the map.

“Coming from different corners of the world, seeing all these amazing venues with great beers and we wanted to put our own spin on it for the Margaret River region.

“The Beerfarm is a place to capture experience. Whether that is great food, beer or a great event, The Beerfarm is essentially at the heart of what we do, and it’s were the brewery’s attached. The brewery is the brains but the venue is the heart.”

It’s a heart that beats within a working farm located halfway between Dunsborough and Margaret River in an old dairy farm and hayshed that was last used in the late 1940s. In this idyllic location, four self-described misfits pulled together around a shared vision to create a comfortably upcycled venue that’s quickly become a destination in the South West beer scene.

The sensibility manifests in glowing pink, shiraz-fermented Berliner weisse, grain fed beef, nationally recognised street art, footies to kick on the rolling lawn , all of which ultimately creates something effortlessly welcoming and cohesive – in anyone else’s hands this might seem cute or, at best, a forced attempt at authenticity. Perhaps most telling is the “No Dicks” policy.

A belief in seasonality and sustainability are referenced in the brewery’s “Established for the future” motto. Although the intention to minimise impact is noble, the sentiment isn’t at the exclusion of reality because, as their can labels, note: “Nobody’s perfect but we can all try a little harder.”

This extends to education as well as inclusivity while a policy of giving back to the land has fostered ongoing collaborations with Hidden Treasures and Cabin Fever as well as well as native food explorations with Fervor, including the inventive Native beer series. However, this local focus is only one aspect of the Beerfarm project: collaborations with Smith Street Taps in Singapore and Frankie’s Pizza in Sydney hint at broader aspirations.

Head brewer Josh Thomas, also known as the Beer Farmer, has created a range of beers that suits an afternoon session at the brewery, even if much of the production ends up in fridges and on bars far from home. ABVs are respectable and, although there is a New World lean to most of the beers, their design has far more in common with jug sharing beers in country pubs of old. It’s another example of the Beerfarm’s focus on experience: “Hang around for another and have a good time.”

While you’re at it, grab a bite to eat too. The kitchen echoes the local and sustainable ethos, using spent grain and grass fed Angus beef from the farm and with the rest of the ingredients sourced as locally as possible. Such items are highlighted on the menu, whether it’s those produced within the grounds or others that have been positively impacted by the Beerfarm.

Taken together, the Beerfarm creates a relaxed backyard party at its home 300km south of Perth. Sure, things might get a little loose but it’s a party with its head in the right place and beer at its heart.

Guy Southern

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Core Range

Beerfarm Royal Haze IPA
Hazy IPA
Beerfarm Calm Ya Farm
Australian Pale Ale
Beerfarm West Coast Lager
Beerfarm IPL
Beerfarm IPA
Beerfarm Australian Bitter
Australian Pale Ale
Beerfarm Brown Ale
Brown Ale

Limited Releases

Beerfarm X Fervor Native Series: Boab Nut Brown Ale
Boab Nut Brown Ale
Beerfarm WA XPA & Talk To The Palm
Fresh Hop XPA & Imperial Stout
4.8% & 8.5%
Beerfarm Through The Grapevine
Wine Hybrid Ale
Beerfarm Passion Pils & Pump Up The Jam
Fruited Pilsner & Fruit Sour
Both 4.2%
Beerfarm Botanical Citrus Gose
Gin Gose
Beerfarm x Copper & Oak West Coast Red IPA
Beerfarm & Fervor Native Series: Quandong & Samphire Gose
Quandong & Samphire Gose
Beerfarm The Hop Experiment EXP#1
East & West Coast Double IPAs
Both 7.8%
Beerfarm & LS Merchants Shiravignon
Beer-Wine Hybrid
Beerfarm Cryo Mountain & Nectaron IPAs
6.4% & 6.5%
Beerfarm Royal Standard
Mid-Strength Hazy Pale
Beerfarm Big Hazy
Hazy Double IPA
Beerfarm & LS Merchants Shirazzaweiss 2021
Fruited Sour
Beerfarm Double IPL 2021
Double IPL
Beerfarm Save the Harvest Strawberry Sour 2021
Strawberry Sour
Beerfarm & Liquor Shed Brett NEIPA 2020
Brett NEIPA & Grapefruit
Beerfarm & Mane Liquor The Mane Event
Hazy Double IPA
Beerfarm & Fervor Native Series Woolya Wah Red Ale
Wattleseed Red Ale
Beerfarm & Friends Tsars
Barrel-Aged Imperial Stouts
Beerfarm Shirazzaweiss 2020& Bubblina ft Tallboy & Moose
Grape Berliner Weisse
6.0% & 6.2%
Tallboy & Moose The Fang & Snickerdoodle
Red IPA & Amber Ale
6.1% & 6.0%
Beerfarm Barrel-Aged Cranberry & Pineapple Sour
Cranberry & Pineapple Sour
Beerfarm, Si Paradiso & Dumbo Gelato Aperitivo Sour
Fruit Sour
Beerfarm & Fervor Native Series Strawberry Gum Stout
Strawberry Gum Stout
Beerfarm Barrel-Aged American Barleywine
Barrel-Aged Barleywine
Beerfarm Berlinion Blanc
Berliner Weisse
Beerfarm Boonta New England IPA
Beerfarm Haymaker IPA
West Coast IPA
Beerfarm & Fervor Desert Lime & Myrtle IPA
Spiced Lactose IPA
Beerfarm Save The Harvest Strawberry Sour
Fruited Berliner Weisse
Beerfarm Double IPL & Double IPA
Double IPL & Double IPA
Beerfarm & Smith Street Taps Asam Boi
Salted Plum Gose
Beerfarm La Maison Marmalade Saison
Orange Saison
Beerfarm & Clancy's Gose From The Black Lagoon
Lobster Gose
Beerfarm Black IPL
Black IPL
Beerfarm Shirazzaweiss
Berliner Weisse with Shiraz Grapes
Beerfarm Blood Orange IPA
Blood Orange IPA