Beerfarm & LS Merchants Shirazzaweiss 2021


Published May 7, 2021

With vintages wrapping up around the Margaret River wine region, Beerfarm and LS Merchants have wasted no time dropping their annual post-harvest celebratory beer for the masses, with the popular fruited sour landing in a fresh new tin, and with a little extra juice too.

Coming in at 6 percent ABV and a very restrained 10 IBU, Shirazzaweiss 2021 is the by-product of a fruitful relationship between the natural winemakers and farm-centric brewers. In 2021, a whopping three tones of shiraz grapes were picked, crushed and rested on skins for three days before being added to an uber clean, uber crisp Berliner Weisse base beer. A lowly hop contribution ensures that fruit character and thirst-inducing sourness reign supreme, with vibrant raspberry a prominent and noteworthy flavour.

A simple but bold flavour profile is complemented by a bright pink hue and quickly dissipating marshmallow pink head, which may or may not add to its allure and further enhance drinkability.

As far as collaborations go, Shirazzaweiss is quickly becoming a cult classic with a solid foundation that is improved upon with each subsequent reiteration. Like wine, variation from year to year is a trademark, but clever brewing and winemaking ensure the best version possible comes to fruition.

Jono Outred

Fruited Sour
10 IBU

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