Beerfarm x Copper & Oak West Coast Red IPA


Published October 3, 2022

The Beerfarm brewers, with help from the team at indie Perth retailers Copper & Oak, have flexed their creative muscles in creating their West Coast Red IPA: neither English in style nor brazen and sticky like those inspired by the US, this is a uniquely red West Coaster.

Released during the South West's Djilba Noognar season, when the weather is still cool and ideal for maltier-leaning beers, they've opted for Talus and Zappa to yield piney notes alongside bitter grapefruit, lemon and ripe stone fruits. Red X, rye and Vienna malts are the key players when it comes to grain and yield not only a rich red colouring, but also big caramel and nutty flavours. Amaretto and biscuity characters permeate alongside some sweetness, while alcohol is modest and boosts drinkability, as does a medium body and lasting finish in which some bitterness remains.

All in all, it makes Beerfarm's latest collab with the impassioned Copper & Oak crew a perfect partner for the temperate, spring weather.

Jono Outred


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