Beerfarm Black IPL


Published July 15, 2018

The Beerfarm flagship is blackened for winter... Even the label’s hop laden ships appear to need a Jolly Roger flag rather than one highlighting the brewery’s environmental ethos but, this being the Beer Farm, the change is not at the expense of drinkability. Indeed, it’s a clever iteration that references their iconic IPL and, at once, pushes it forward into uncharted territory.

This exudes far more tropical and citrus aromas than the IPL’s stone fruit vibe. The use of darker malts doesn't just affect the colour but also brings a pleasant roast character with an subtle coffee bitterness and dryness. It retains the original's approachability yet finishes considerably more bitter.

It’s the kind of beer you can imagine sipping next to the brewery’s excavator bucket fireplace as winter storms roll overhead.

Guy Southern

Black IPL

177 Gale Road
WA 6280

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