Beerfarm & Liquor Shed Brett NEIPA 2020


Published December 14, 2020

Beerfarm’s Brett NEIPA is in its second year of production, having been met with plenty of adulation for its 2019 freshman release. This year’s version is likely to receive much of the same reception, given it's a slightly tweaked and possibly more delicious iteration.

The 2020 Brett NEIPA features more than a tonne of grapefruit that was wild-fermented with Brettanomyces as well as a generous dry-hopping with El Dorado, Citra and Mosaic, which contribute stonefruit, lemon and mandarin characters, artfully bolstered by pithy, slightly bitter grapefruit. Some yeast-derived funky flavour rounds out a beer that's brimming with farmhouse character, cleverly blurring the lines of style categories.

As is the way with NEIPAs, Brett NEIPA pours hazy with a light, golden hue. The same wheat malt and oats that bring the haze also contribute a slick, slightly powdery, medium body and texture that lingers after each sip, along with a moderate bitterness and an assertive but balanced tartness.

Jono Outred

Brett NEIPA & Grapefruit
25 IBU

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