Beerfarm Passion Pils & Pump Up The Jam


Published February 9, 2023

Fruit is the theme of the month for Beerfarm’s passionate brewers, as they pump up the jam with a duo of fruit-spiked beers in the form of Passion Pils – a passionfruit Pilsner – and a raspberry, blackberry and pink peppercorn sour.

Passion Pils, pouring pale and slightly cloudy, brings everything good about a classic pilsner but with the added refreshment of a tight, light acidity courtesy of fresh passionfruit. Light bitterness and some earthy, citrusy hop notes linger in the background while passionfruit aromatics are enticing with each lift of your glass.

Pump Up The Jam is as densely fruited as the name suggests, delivering an assault of fruit on the palate: berries atop a gentle acidity. Philly yeast co-fermented with a house strain yields some light esters that pair well with a smidgeon of peppery spice and a distinct blackberry character that persists for some time after each sip.

Beerfarm have never been shy of throwing fruit into fermenters, and in both instances here it's been used smartly to yield beers both full of flavour and with refreshment to spare.

Jono Outred

Fruited Pilsner & Fruit Sour
Both 4.2%

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