Beerfarm Double IPL 2021


Published April 12, 2021

The return of Beerfarm’s Double IPL – a beer last brewed in 2018 alongside a double-sized take on their IPA – is a welcome one, appearing in 2021 in a smaller tin with fresh, simplified graphics and a tweaked recipe. Brewed to 7.8 percent ABV and 50 IBU, this version might be boosted when it comes to booze but remains surprisingly drinkable, and delivered unfiltered, with the brewers instead implementing a longer period of cold maturation for clarity and a clean flavour profile.

Dry, crisp and showing pronounced bready and light caramel notes, it’s likely the choice of hops that set this IPL apart from any before it. A small but impactful addition of Sabro hops impart characters of coconut and kaffir lime, blending with gentle citrus, passionfruit and earthy hop characters, all of which shine thanks to that crisp body and an uber clean yeast profile.

Jono Outred

Double IPL
50 IBU

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