CoConspirators The Moonshiner & The Explorer

CoConspirators Brewing

Published September 9, 2022

CoConspirators collaborative nature has really been given a chance to shine since their Brunswick brewpub opened at the end of 2021. They’ve partnered with other brewers to host events, brewed beers with fellow Brunswick businesses and teamed up with other booze makers too. The Moonshiner fits into the last of those categories with the botanical sour drawing heavily from Evening Light Gin by the Melbourne distillery Brogan’s Way. Alongside some of the more typical gin botanicals, that spirit includes strawberry gum and river mint, with fresh mangos, raspberries and grapefruit providing a juicy backbone. Those elements come together in The Moonshiner’s cauldron to offer a potent mix of juniper, coriander, strawberry, raspberry and zesty grapefruit peel with a tart and zippy finish.

Also fresh from CoConspirators is The Explorer, a New Zealand Pilsner brewed with Riwaka and Nelson Sauvin. It’s a beer that really hits with those classic aromas of cut grass and somewhat dank notes before a fruitier mix takes over thanks to lemon, lime and a Sauvignon Blanc-style zing leading into a clean and bitter finish.

Will Ziebell

Botanical Sour & NZ Pilsner
Both 4.7%
CoConspirators Brewing

377 Victoria Street
VIC 3056

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Wednesday to Sunday: 11am until late.