Slipstream Brewing Co Vienna Lager

Slipstream Brewing Co

Published August 25, 2022

It’s no secret Slipstream love hops. They love making punchy IPAs, and experimenting with new varieties, and showcasing big flavours. But since they’re always talking about their passion for hops, it almost is a secret that they love exploring the world of lagers, too. These lagers are usually keg-only small batches at their venue, but this one has made it into tinnies.

Slipstream’s Vienna Lager is paler than many other examples, pouring more of a gold than a deeper copper colour. The malt character comes through with a gentle grainy sweetness, like a big ol’ bowl of cornflakes and lightly browned toast made from that sweet white bread you get at a hotel breakfast. A lively carbonation tap dances across the tongue, but when you’re done all that’s left is a light tackiness that hints at the flavours that were.

This small batch is only available from the brewery and from Slipstream’s online store.

Mick Wüst

Vienna Lager

From the brewery

And online here

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