Slipstream Brewing Co Maximum G-Force Imperial IPA

Slipstream Brewing Co

What? Nine percent? But it’s so easy to drink!

Slipstream’s G-Force IPA has always been a crowd pleaser, and for good reason: as far as core range IPAs go, it’s a force to be reckoned with. In 2020, the Slipstream crew decided to one-up themselves by brewing an imperial version. And since it turned out to be just as popular, they brought it back again the next year, and again the next year…

The brief for Maximum G-Force was simple: “We wanted to try to retain all the aroma and balance of our G-Force IPA whilst retaining the drinkability that it’s known for.”

In terms of aroma, a honeyed malt character mixed with a pungent spicy resin and bitter grapefruit peel. While I expected a real intensity to hit me the moment the first drop touched my tongue, I was met with a gentle giant: a thick wash of smooth citrus and resin and warming alcohol drifted into a sweet, almost maple syrup finish. There was clearly a boost in hops, but the bitterness felt no more imposing than in the original G-Force.

Mission accomplished.

Mick Wüst

Imperial IPA
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