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Slipstream Brewing Co

Slipstream’s Fruit Cart series is a simple concept: a base sour beer with each entry in the series containing a different fruit, bringing different a flavour and usually a different colour. (It took me an embarrassingly long time to realise the fruit vendor on the label also has different facial hair for each flavour.) They’re meant to be uncomplicated, refreshing and fun.

The Cherry Sour hits the glass with the colour of cherry juice and the cloudiness of guava nectar.† On the nose, it’s all cherry; or, to be more precise, the sticky sweet smell of unwrapping a cherry-flavoured Starburst chew. But as soon as you start to drink it transforms into something fare more sessionable: light body, gentle sour, subtle cherry.

Uncomplicated, refreshing and fun.

Mick Wüst

†I first googled "guava juice" to gauge the appearance of it, and all the search results were for some YouTuber I’d never heard of with 16.8 million subscribers. Thanks, Internet – way to make me feel old and out of touch.

Cherry Sour
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