Slipstream Brewing Co West Coast Tour: Oregon

Slipstream Brewing Co

The inspiration for Slipstream came when Deale and Elisa Stanley-Hunt visited the US, touring from brewery to brewery, until they got a sense of each region they explored. So when they started the West Coast Tour series, it was almost a coming home for them.

After starting the tour with California and Idaho, they moved on to Oregon. This beer showcases the character of the Beaver State (lol) with a base of Oregon malt that lets Willamette hops express their distinctive taste. Bred from English Fuggles, Willamette are a pillar of the US hop industry, making up a sizeable portion of commercial hops grown in the US. They’re known for their spicy, herbal and floral notes, and these all make an appearance in this IPA: florals seducing you on the nose with an edge of stone fruit, bitter herbal resin whacking you in the mouth, and a dry earthy spice clutching your tastebuds in the finish.

With its bitter bite that just keeps on biting, this isn’t a beer that takes it easy on newcomers. But it is a beer that welcomes you home with open arms. (Uh, especially if you come from Oregon, I guess.)

Mick Wüst

West Coast IPA
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