Slipstream Brewing Co Regatta Lager

Slipstream Brewing Co

I’ve never been to one, but regattas strike me as quite hoity-toity. The Regatta Hotel in Brisbane, on the other hand, always struck me as quite working class. I don’t know which one Slipstream is evoking with the name of this beer, but I’m not sure it matters; this is surely a beer anyone could get behind.

A sweet smell of grain wafts out of the glass, filling me with the impression of fresh produce and making me feel vaguely agricultural; somehow it’s like I’m at a harvest festival surrounded by sheaves of wheat and cobs of juicy corn.

But there’s nothing rustic about this beer; it’s clearly been finely crafted. It’s brilliantly bright in the glass, it drinks clean as anything, and it glides over the tongue as smoothly as a sharp-keeled yacht cuts through the water. A soft hop spice and bitterness join the bready sweetness, rounding out the flavours of this Helles-style lager.

Perfect for drinking at a/the regatta/Regatta.

Mick Wüst

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