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Fun fact: The first Vespa wasn’t named so because of the buzzing sound of its motor (Vespa is Italian for wasp), but because of its big-bottomed shape. I heartily recommend watching this video of how Vespas are made.† Eight minutes well spent.

Coincidentally, eight minutes is about the maximum amount of time you’d take to drink a Scooter American Red Ale. This moped doesn’t waste any time – it’ll duck between the bollards of your teeth, race over your tongue and zip down your throat before you can stop it.

While it shines a stylish cherry red, Scooter isn’t about flashy in-your-face flavour; it’s about understated elegance. There’s melon, there’s an almost seamless fusion between sweet biscuit and red fruits, there’s tangerine, and there’s orange peel. But most of all there’s a bright, zippy ease to it all.

You’ll get plenty of miles to the gallon with this little beauty.††

Mick Wüst

†Yes I’m aware that the scooter pictured on the label isn’t a Vespa, but it’s hard to think "red scooter"’ and not think "Vespa".
††Yes I’m aware that we use the metric system in this country, but "plenty of kilometres to the litre" doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

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