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Published May 27, 2021

Bodriggy’s dive into dark drops with their Muck range continues apace in 2021, with the brewery launching MochaMuck. The Muck series of beers first kicked off with the imperial stout MuckaMuck, before being given a midstrength makeover in 2020 with MandyMuck, a mandarine and chocolate stout created with the chocolatiers at Birdsnake.

For MochaMuck, Bodriggy have again partnered up with Birdsnake, but this time around they’ve also roped in the roasters at Blume Coffee while keeping the ABV modest at 3.3. percent ABV. It may be a midstrength but it's certainly not one that closely resembles most others out there, instead pouring jet-black and packed with rich flavours, including roasted espresso, tobacco, redcurrant, caramel and a slightly sweet swirl of chocolate. Given Victoria’s weather has dropped and the state has entered lockdown, a serving suggestion would be to grab a few of them to drink on the couch while finding your next TV show to marathon and you'll still be enjoying it by the time you're hooked mid-season.

Will Ziebell

Chocolate Coffee Stout
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