Bodriggy Brewing Tame Punk & Chocolate, Cherry & Fig Stout

Bodriggy Brewing Co

Published May 19, 2022

Pink Boots Australia have long held brew days and made collaborations but with the not-for-profit celebrating ten years since they launched locally, we get to enjoy far more of them this year. In total, they're doing ten over the course the year and among them is this West Coast brewed with Bodriggy, Tame Punk. The beer’s inspired by brave women who speak out and start courageous conversations, while it also makes use of this year’s Pink Boots blend that comes courtesy of Yakima Chief Hops. Here that mix of hops provides distinct notes of pine, grapefruit and potpourri, while the beer’s somewhat chewy base creates a slight malty sweetness that's soon washed over by a substantial bitterness.

Speaking of collaborations from Bodriggy, the Melbourne brewery have once again got together with the chocolatiers at Birdsnake by brewing Chocolate, Cherry & Fig Stout. Even though it’s 3.8 percent and a long way from imperial stout territory, the beer's viscosity suggests more booze might be in play, while the mix of flavours resembles biting into a black forest cake (assuming you've made your famous cherry-based cake with fig too), with quite an intense mix of stewed fruit and rich chocolate fudge.

West Coast IPA & Stout
3.8% 6.5%
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