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Published March 16, 2023

LoJo was once Abbotsford’s sleepier corner but these days, it’s where all the fun is. Range's taproom, The Park Hotel, The Retreat, Dr Morse and Lulie Tavern all help make lower Johnson Street a delight for the senses – and that’s without talking about its nurseries, cafés and the best place in Melbourne for a shotgun wedding. In honour of this community, the City of Yarra is bringing back [LOJO Festival on March 26, an occasion for businesses to team up for a Western-themed celebration of food, music, and art.

Of course, you can’t talk about LoJo without talking about Bodriggy Brewing and, as a tribute to their community, they’ve made LoJo MoJo (which we would like to believe could be pronounced with a hard or soft J). The cucumber mojito gose is filled with fresh flavours of cucumber, lime, mint and a salty tang. If you make your mojitos with a big cucumber garnish and enjoy nothing more than biting into it once your drink is gone, then this is a flavour you’ll know well (and if that's not how you make all your cocktails, then you really need to start).

Will Ziebell

Cucumber Mojito Gose
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