Bodriggy Brewing Zooter Doozy: Nebbiolo

Bodriggy Brewing Co

Published May 13, 2021

In 2019, Bodriggy partnered with their mates at Little Reddie to get their hands on some pinot gris grapes to turn into the sour, Zooter Doozy. In 2021, the Melbourne brewery have brought back their collaboration with the Castlemaine winery but this time instead of pinot gris, they’ve gone with Nebbiolo.

Pouring with a light touch of crimson, the beer might not look like a glass of red but there is a palate weight on this iteration of Zooter Doozy which brings it quite close to wine. There’s less of a pucker when compared with the previous iteration too and instead, the sourness is more in farmhouse territory while a tannic line runs through the beer too. Beyond that, there's also a meld of difficult to pick floral and herbal hits and dry, quite vinous finish.

Will Ziebell

Wild Nebbiolo Sour Ale
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