Bodriggy Brewing Draught

Bodriggy Brewing Co

Published June 15, 2020

Once a word only found on Australia’s many variations of Big Beer lager, “Draught” has made its way onto plenty of small brewery tins in recent times too. The beer itself might a lager, at times it’s an ale. But what the term does always signal is: if you're after a beer to knock back by the pint, or to consume straight from the can on the couch, then this is likely for you.

Bodriggy Brewing's Draught is a Kölsch, the German-style that effectively straddles lager and ale territory, and is all about delivering refreshment. It’s lean and dry with Australian Ella hops providing a touch of grapefruit along with a floral spice on the finish.

Will Ziebell

NB: Midway through 2021, this beer was rebranded to Stingrays Draught.

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