Indian Ocean Get Pitted

Indian Ocean Brewing

Published February 22, 2019

It’s fun to imagine the way in which the phrase “get pitted” was heard in the brewhouse when this beer was imagined. Perhaps it was said joyously at the idea of brewing a NEIPA with Belgian yeast or maybe it was said in disbelief at the idea of hand-pitting 200kg of stone fruit. Either way, the addition of Belle Saison yeast and a mix of nectarines and peaches makes for a boozy, spicy and fruity release.

There’s a subtle citrus pithiness in the beer but the spotlight shines on the battle of Belgian yeast character against stone fruits to see which gets your attention. Clove and spice win out but it’s by a slim margin. Fresh peach and nectarine play along with a variety of hops that bring the words "rich, ripe and rounded" to the mind.

So, in the coming week, if you hear the words “get pitted”, don't worry, it’s probably someone giving you a recommendation.

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