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Big Shed Brewing Concern

1154 Old Port Road
Royal Park
SA 5014

(08) 8240 5037
Open Hours

Sun & Mon: 12pm – 6pm Tues – Thurs: 12pm – 9pm Fri & Sat: 12pm – 10pm

For most aspiring brewers, simply turning your beery dreams into commercial reality is effort enough. But Jason Harris and Craig Basford decided they were going to do more than just brew the beers they’d been concocting in their man shed for years: they wanted to bring others along with them.

So, more than a decade after they’d started making beer together in a rented farmer’s shed in the Barossa (complete with Scalextric set and a mechanics pit that allowed them to control fermentation temperatures), when Big Shed Brewing Concern became a reality it came with an invitation to their peers: if you’re looking for somewhere to brew, we’ve got the space for you.

Taking an approach similar to that of Cavalier in Melbourne’s west, they established their business in Adelaide's Royal Park as a form of communal brewery. Sure, they would brew their own beers on their 10 hectolitre system but the offer was there to other South Australian brewers looking for a home to rent some steel and use the brewery for their own means. The idea was to give something back to the wider home brewing community they were a part of (and, presumably, to help them start paying off the costs of the brewery).

Steadily, the Big Shed was filled with tenants, first and most notably the Mismatch Brewing Company, while slowly but surely Jason and Craig began establishing Big Shed as a brand in its own right. First up in early 2014 was the American brown ale FrankenBROWN, soon followed by the F-Yeah APA. Then, as the business continued to grow, in came brewers from elsewhere to help them improve their existing beers and develop new ones as they turned their focus onto the venue side of the business.

By early 2015, that was fully up and running too, with the front half of their shed turned into a brewery bar that’s in keeping with the industrial location and feel. Built by their mates at Grand Kitchens, it features all manner of reclaimed materials, not least some timber that formerly made up part of the Adelaide Oval.

But this merely proved the entree for a much bigger shed to follow. They announced in early 2018 that SA government funds had been secured towards a major expansion and, while there were more than their fair share of challenges along the way, in December 2019, they finally opened the doors to their purpose-built brewery and venue (as the brewery was still being installed) a short drive from their original home.

It allows them to entertain far more guests – inside and out – as well as giving them a larger brewery and more space in which to brew beer. It means you can now find more specials across the 20 taps as well as giving them the ability to pump out more of the colourful favourites with which they've caught eyes over the years, such as Boozy Fruits NEIPA and Golden Stout Time.

The move also means there's a new home for the Westside Massive as Big Shed v1 will now be repurposed as a live music venue and bar.

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Stories featuring Big Shed Brewing Concern

Core Range

Big Shed Brewing Indie IPA: Nectaron
Single Hop IPA
Big Shed Brewing Boozy Fruit NEIPA
Big Shed Brewing Concern Jetty Jumper
Mid Strength
Big Shed Brewing KolsChisel
Big Shed Brewing Golden Stout Time
Sweet Stout
Big Shed Brewing F-Yeah APA
American Pale Ale
Big Shed Brewing FrankenBROWN
American Brown Ale
Big Shed Brewing Californicator
West Coast IPA
Big Shed Brewing Desi Driver
Alcohol-Free Pale Ale

Limited Releases

Big Shed X Menz BruChocs! Apricot Stout
Apricot Stout
Big Shed BruChocs 2022
Smoothie Sour
Big Shed & Revel Neo-Mexicanus Black IPA
Black IPA
Big Shed & Mash Gang HellWeisse Non-Alc Sour
Non-Alcoholic Fruit Sour
Big Shed Brewing Raspberry Imperial Sour
Imperial Raspberry Sour
Big Shed Brewing BruChocs Beers 2021
FruChocs-Inspired Beers
Various ABVs
Big Shed Brewing Violet NoRegard
Oat Cream Blueberry Milkshake IPA
Big Shed Brewing Little RIPA & Big RIIPA
Rye IPAs
4.7% & 9.5%
Big Shed Erebus & Viscosiraptor 2021
Imperial Stout & Barleywine
11.2% & 10.6%
Big Shed Strata/Zappa IPA
Big Shed Mango & Passionfruit Sours
Fruit Sours
4.7% & 4.2%
Big Shed & Ballistic Beer Oaked Guava Double IPA
Oaked Guava Double IPA
Big Shed Feelin' Fine & JuNEIPA
Oat Cream IPA & Gin-Infused NEIPA
5.9% & 6.2%
Big Shed Mega Golden Stout Time
Dessert Stout
Big Shed & Franklin Hotel Double West Coast IPA
West Coast DIPA
Big Shed Brewers Series: Viscosiraptor & Erebus
Barleywine & Russian Imperial Stout
10.6% & 11.2%
Big Shed Brewers Series: Viscosiraptor & Erebus
Barleywine & Russian Imperial Stout
10.6% & 11.2%
Big Shed Indie IPA ft HPA-016
Single Hop IPA
Big Shed Double Hazing DIPA
Hazy Double IPA
Big Shed Brewers Series: Damn Cletus Black IPA
Black IPA
Big Shed Brewers Series: Red IPA & NZ Pilsner
Red IPA & NZ Pilsner
5.7% & 5.2%
Big Shed Brewers Series: Pistols Peach Sour
Peach Sour
Big Shed Indie IPA
Single Hop IPA
Big Shed The Hazing
Big Shed & Hotel Sweeney's I Am Brut IPA
Brut IPA
Big Shed Brewing Eton Mess
Strawberry NEIPA
Big Shed The Shirt Front Russian Imperial Stout
Imperial Coffee Stout
Big Shed & Doctor's Orders Dr Shedlove: The Final Chapter
Beetroot & Parsnip White Stout
Big Shed & Doctor's Orders Dr Shedlove 2017
Imperial Carrot Stout
Big Shed & Doctor's Orders Dr Shedlove 2016
Belgian Imperial Vegetable Stout
Big Shed Brewing Dr Shedlove 2015 Vintage
Imperial Sweet Potato Stout Saison
Big Shed Brewing Fresh Yeah 2015
American Pale Ale
Big Shed Quantum Gravity Session WCIPA
Session IPA