Molly Rose Martyr

Molly Rose Brewing

Published December 23, 2022

Molly Rose have approached Christmas with no shortage of cheer. For one, founder Nic Sandery is opening the doors on Christmas morning to pour free beer for the good people of Collingwood. Secondly, they have a festive release in the shape of Martyr.

The beetroot, raspberry and spiced sour pours a stunning pink hue while the subtle beetroot comes across like its part of a dressing that would be perfect on a Christmas Day salad. Indeed, it’s a dressing I’ve looked into making after drinking this beer but probably won’t and will instead default to the most expensive bottle of balsamic I can find and buy it purely due to the guilt of not making a salad dressing from scratch. Anyway, you’ll also find plenty of fresh raspberry flavour too (fortunately, buying raspberries doesn’t provide the same level of introspection and soul-searching), while the house mix of spices and sourness combine to make it a festive beer you could start the day with, crack during the main course, or share with dessert.

Will Ziebell

Spiced Sour Ale
Molly Rose Brewing

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