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Published September 21, 2022

In the middle of winter, it’s easy for the mind to wander to old favourites, particularly if there is something inherently warming about them. That’s where Molly Rose’s Georgia and Nic's thoughts headed recently, with Georgia wanting to brew a classic winter warmer and Nic, well, he wanted to do what Nic tends to do and add some modern hops.

If you’re English, you might think of old ales as being higher in ABV, stickily malty, and bringing dried fruit to the fore but chances are, the name more immediately conjures something akin to Tooheys Old. And Too Easy sits in that latter camp: a sweetly roasty, chocolaty dark ale that is certainly old-fashioned and is crying out to be enjoyed with an open fire, pipe and slippers.

New Easy meanwhile adds in Australia’s latest wonder kid, Eclipse hops, for a beer you could consider an incredibly chilled-out or easy-going (we'll see ourselves out...) black IPA. Along with those chocolaty and roasted coffee notes of Too Easy, there's mandarin zest, further citrus and peach which add a refreshing quality to make this sibling feel better suited to a mild but sunny spring afternoon over an evening by the fire.

Will Ziebell

If you want to be like those meerkats on TV and compare the pair, Molly Rose has mixed cases of the twin release available on their website, which feels like how they should be enjoyed.

Old Ale & New Old Ale
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