Hop Nation x Mountain Culture Quick Jazz & Ukulele Solo & Dark Paradise Returns

Hop Nation

Published July 12, 2022

Maybe it’s thanks to the beers they brew but Hop Nation and Mountain Culture really strike you as two breweries that would get along. For proof that, look no further than these two collaborations brewed at each other’s homes over some months. Quick Jazz is a lush Oatcream IPA made at Hop Nation’s Mornington brewery and uses Nelson Sauvin pellets and three different Cryo hops in Citra, El Dorado and Sabro. It makes for quite a mix of fruits with apricot coming to the fore first before it's joined by guava and mango and then followed by a dank pine.

Ukulele Solo meanwhile is a maibock made with the traditional decoction method of lager brewing that started life just ahead of Mountain Culture’s Rauchbierfest. By all accounts, it was an excellent pre-celebration celebration, with many breweries coming together, sharing ideas and [REDACTED]. Months later, the beer is ready and brings warming, soft honey notes a touch of boozy warmth, sulphur, spice and a crisp finish.

Hop Nation have also brewed a follow-up to June’s pastry stout with Dark Paradise Returns dubbed a Hokey Pokey Stout. Where the first beer was more or less a lamington liquid, this time around we’ve got a Violet Crumble in beer form where very sweet layers of honeycomb and caramel join chocolate and slight roasted coffee notes.

Will Ziebell

Oatcream IPA, Decoction Maibock & Dark Paradise Returns
6.8%, 7.0% & 7.0%
Hop Nation

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