Molly Rose Raspy-Berrries

Molly Rose Brewing

Published March 11, 2022

There’s absolutely no question about it, raspberries are just unbelievably delicious. When summer rolls around, I sway between constantly engulfing punnets like my mouth is some kind of vacuum that’s opened in space and not buying them at all - mostly due to some awareness of how that hedonistic display looks. Obviously, the brewing team at Molly Rose can show some better restraint, with enough going into the Raspy-Berries for it to pack a real punch of the fruit, which were sourced from the Mornington Peninsula before being loaded into a barrel of farmhouse ale.

From the moment you pour out the pink to slightly auburn beer, you can tell the Melbourne brewery's captured a fair bit of fruit. In fact, despite it being a liquid, there’s something about Raspy-Berries that really replicates biting into the flesh of a fresh raspberry. Maybe it’s this underlying level of juiciness that balances with the beer’s tart side, the way that tartness is light enough to make the beer incredibly moreish, or the restrained but light esters that add further fruited notes. If you're as much of a fan of raspberries as I am, you're only concern should be making sure you don't drink the beer as quickly as I inhale the fruit.

Will Ziebell

If you’d like to try a few more farmhouse beers featuring fruit, the latest Molly Rose Cornerstone release has multiple cans of wine-beer hybrids inside.

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