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Published September 24, 2021

OK, I’m just going to put this out there at the start – just get it out of the way, early doors. I’m a big dumb goose. Akasha very kindly sent me a couple of these DDH IPAs and, instead of eliciting any kind of excitement like an Akasha beer usually would, I made the grave error of treating the drinking of this fine beverage as work.

“Double dry-hopped, they reckon? Oh yeah, sure. Whatever.”

Let me confess to you now, dear reader. I could not drink this beer fast enough. Maybe it’s because I hadn’t had an IPA in weeks. Maybe it’s the months of being stuck at home dreaming of the pub. Maybe it’s just a bloody good beer?

Straight off the bat, the titular double dry-hopped hops are Citra and Mosaic. If a bad beer can be made with that combo, I’m yet to taste it. Cracking open a can of this beer is like having a fruit salad aerosol sprayed directly into your face. Grapefruit, peach, mango, pineapple and rockmelon backed up by an incredibly slimline malt body. Generally speaking, I usually don’t particularly enjoy low bitterness IPAs – I’m looking for a bit of that dank resin to balance out all that boozy fruit. But, boy howdy, with all traces of the 6.5 percent ABV mysteriously missing, I didn’t miss the IBUs at all.

Clean, crushable, delicious. In penance for my disgraceful disrespect, I’m going to drink a can in the sun at the park this afternoon and I simply must insist you do the same.

Judd Owen

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