Molly Rose Brewing East of Kent

Molly Rose Brewing

Published March 17, 2023

For all that the global craft beer revolution has brought lost styles back to the fore and hungrily created new ones, there is plenty of collateral damage, in part due to a growing willingness by brewers to be led by the wild fancies of the noisiest corners of the market. Among the beers that nobody seems to want to brew or drink anymore are traditional English ales, at least outside the British pubs that retain the passion and knowledge to treat them properly. But Molly Rose, love a classic and - presumably- the challenge of selling a beer style not often seen in this country.

But while the words "English Pale Ale" might not appeal immediately to hop heads, hops are the star with East Kent Goldings and Fuggles bringing bring floral, twiggy and earthy, with a breadth and gentle depth both in flavour and bitterness. Those two hops are part of the all-English lineup of English malts and a fruity English ale yeast with the malt character being a little nutty, toasted, bready, but not quite any of those things. Pick one up kids: this is where pale ales got their start.

English Pale Ale
Molly Rose Brewing

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