New England Brewing Co Little Ram – RETIRED

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The New England region is one of those places where you really feel the seasonal change; Winter is cold, Autumn is gorgeous, Spring brings the bloom and Summer is hot. And during those hot Summers in New England a beer like Little Ram will be your best friend.

Sitting somewhere in the zone between an Aussie pale ale and a wheat ale, this 3.8 percent ABV straw coloured ale is a bona fide thirst crusher. It’s light on the malt and has a very low bitterness, with most of the action happening on the hop front where it presents with gentle citrus characters. If you’re looking for a full frontal flavour punch from your beer, perhaps look elsewhere in the range. But if you’re looking for something that’s easy, breezy and eminently crushable, look no further.

Nick O

Australian Pale Ale
12 IBU
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