New England Brewing Co Gorge Drop Double West Coast IPA

New England Brewing Co

Published February 15, 2023

Yikes. The last few IPAs I’ve had from New England have been snuggly. This one is snuggly in the way that wrestling a brawny red kangaroo is snuggly.

It’s thick in the mouth, but not syrupy. Thanks to New England’s natural conditioning of their beers, the carbonation here brings a certain amount of the heft in the body; it sort of unfurls in your mouth as you drink. The malt is relatively lean: they’ve use a stripped back malt bill to let the hops do the talking without the padding of specialty malt sweetness. Imagine a bare-knuckled boxer kissing each of his fists: “This one’s called Chinook, and this one’s called Centennial. And just wait til you meet Citra.”*

There’s a brutality here: none of the flavours are going to give you any special treatment. There’s grapefruit peel, there’s savoury resin, there’s a hint of bitter rye bread. The Citra brings plenty of aroma and flavour of citrus, but it’s the Chinook and Centennial that were loaded in for bittering. We’re looking at a gratuitous amount of bitterness here: it builds and builds. More bitterness than you can poke a stick at, as my dad would say. There’s also a very slight farmhouse character that’s crept in and nestled itself among the lingering bitterness, and I’m not mad at all. By the time this beer warms up a bit and the alcohol flavour sneaks in, it’s a smooth balancing note, bringing a smile and a sigh like whacking a bag of frozen peas on a swollen eye.

This is a beer where you do need to know what you’re stepping into, but you don’t need to be afraid. It’s a rousing event, and you’ll feel satisfaction and pride afterwards. Everyone’s a winner in this fight.

Mick Wüst

*I think in this scenario, Citra is a headbutt. If my sheltered middle-class upbringing and numerous Guy Ritchie films have taught me anything, it’s that bare-knuckled boxers don’t play by the rules.

Double West Coast IPA
104 IBU
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