New England Big Winter 2018

New England Brewing Co

Published July 20, 2018

For winter 2018, the New England Brewing Company’s ode to the cooler months comes pre-wrapped in a can so cosy in appearance you may want to cuddle it. A word of warning, however: its embrace is stronger than it seems.

Big Winter is a Belgian dark ale, one that helps warm through the worst of any winter weather. It’s a beer to counter snow and shivering, for retreating from frost to find fire. So it doesn’t hide its strength. It doesn’t mean to and it doesn’t need to. It’s a beer all about comfort, about dark malts and rich fruits, roast and raisins, sweet toffee and candy sweetness. That and a touch of spice.

Let it do what it does and Big Winter will warm you from the inside out. Just right on a cool night.

Nick Oscilowski

Belgian Dark Ale
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