New England Brewing Co Fog Then Sun Hazy IPA

New England Brewing Co

Published July 23, 2022

Say good morning to Fog Then Sun – a hazy IPA stuffed with Lotus and Kohatu hops.

The fog in this glass is twofold: it’s the loose white foam sitting in the glass, all wispy and settled, and it’s the opacity of the yellowy-orange liquid. Meanwhile, the sunshine is apparent in every hoppy sip as fresh orange-and-something juice flows over your tongue.

I say "orange-and-something" because I kept changing my mind on what this beer tastes like. At first I tasted orange and pineapple. Then I thought orange and mango. Then when it was apparent there was some bitterness hiding underneath the juiciness, I tasted mandarin peel. At some point I stopped trying to pin it down and just enjoyed the ride, and a lovely ride it was.

Oh, and New England’s signature can-conditioning made for a carbonation that’s almost creamy in its softness, like when you spray whipped cream into your mouth straight from the can. What a delight! The whole thing wrapped up with a dry and soft finish, no doubt aided by the wheat, rolled oats and malted oats.

I’m not very familiar with either Lotus or Kohatu hops, but if Fog Then Sun is a faithful representation of them, they’re good ’uns.

Mick Wüst

Hazy IPA
48 IBU
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