Mountain Goat In Breed The Bogan

Mountain Goat (CUB/Asahi)

Published July 15, 2014

Mountain Goat's In Breed series of beers is the one that allows its brewers to concoct their own brew (Rare Breeds come from on high, Cross Breeds involve other brewers or outside forces). Thus far it has seen the likes of the Craig series, the Naz and Mike's Third Nut leave the brewery and now it's the turn of The Bogan. The beer has been devised by the brewery's resident Bogan, John Bogan, a chap who began doing as much volunteering as he could to get a foot in the door before being welcomed into the brew team. (At which point he accidentally knackered one of their fermenters, but that's all water under the bridge now...!) The Bogan has appeared on a Crafty Pint Blind Tasting Panel at which he wowed with his palate and depth of knowledge so we're keen to see what happens when he turns his talents to building a beer. The beer in question is a lager (well, he is a Bogan), but not an ordinary lager. As his boss at Goat, Dave Bonighton, says: "Taking the Bogan out of John Bogan would be like taking the bogan out of Jimmy Barnes. Won't happen. Ever." So The Bogan is a Dark Munich Lager (or Munchner Dunkel), brewed with pilsener malt, a big whack of Munich malt, some Kiwi crystal malts, and Aussie chocolate malt. It's deep copper in colour, malty, mildly bitter and tips the scales at a sessionable 5.3 percent ABV.

Says Dave: "Just like John, it's a Bogan, but not as we know it."

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