Atomic Juicy Lager


Published February 21, 2023

Colourful, creative and to the point, Atomic have released Juicy Lager, a self-explanatory beer that's also the first to be canned at their Redfern brewpub rather than via parent company Good Drinks' main facility in WA.

Such facts aside, this one kicks off with an aroma that escapes the can like it’s fleeing the law. They've looked to load their lager with "juicy tropical hops" and here they hit your nostrils in a manner that leaves you in no doubt it’s a hazy. With a respectable foamy head on top, Juicy Lager pours the colour of a copper serving tray after nan has given it one hell of a polish.

In the mouth (or "drinking" as normal people might put it) the juicy lager is surprisingly sedate, welcoming repeated sips to explore the depth of flavours which begin to burrow in on the points where your cheeks meet your gums. Although not overtly upfront, the light, hoppy notes turn a little resinous as the beer gains heft with the help of a little extra alcohol. The end result is a sessionable lager that would pair well with a bowl of Atomic's spicy wings or their fabled Indochina.

Benedict Kennedy-Cox

Juicy Lager

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