Atomic Lemon Whip & Mando Sour


Published September 28, 2022

These no chance of catching scurvy at Atomic right now courtesy of this dual citrus sour release, which brings a zippy edge to the ebbing cooler months.

After claiming the GABS People’s Choice for 2022 – which you can read about here, Atomic’s Lemon Whip Sour has been made available in cans. As before, juicy lemon, creamy lactose, and a hint of biscuit base deliver a pastry sour crying out for some homespun flambéed meringue action.

Joining the Whip is Mando Sour – a beer which I’ve misread as mango more than once [You and me both! Editor]. However, there’s no mistaking the contents of the glass once you've cracked your can. What’s more, this super playful spin on sour seems to be almost hiding in plain sight given the broad range of fruit additions elsewhere.

The juicy, perfumed aromas continue on the tongue as an Afourer, Imperial and Clementine medley – basically, a whole lotta mandarin – goes to work alongside soft acidity, fruit tartness, hints of rind and a subtle minerality, adding to the beer's supremely refreshing a-peel.

Not laughing? In that case I'll get murcott.

Guy Southern

Pastry Sour & Mandarin Sour
4.5% & 4.2%

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