Bad Shepherd Portello Jelly

Bad Shepherd

Published June 3, 2022

It might feel like there are a few areas that GABS beers draw their inspiration from - desserts, soft drinks and lollies - but really, there tends to be one broad brushstroke that ties them all together: nostalgia. Whether it's nostalgia for a packet of sweets a brewer used to enjoy in America or a favour of chip that disappeared with Go-Lo, it's those memories of moments gone that drives what breweries decide to make for GABS.

Bad Shepherd have tapped into that feeling by bringing together both soft drink and dessert to create Portello Jelly Sour, which is inspired by both the grape and berry soft drink Portello and the jelly flavour, Port Wine. OK, so I have to admit that it's been a long time since I've tried either of those two things (and have quite possibly never tried Port Wine jelly) but it feels like Bad Shepherd have really hit the sweet combo on the head. Sure, Portello Jelly Sour doesn't have the same consistency as jelly - a fact which I'm personally quite happy about - but it does look a whole lot like the purple-meets-red confectionary and carries a plenty of the accompanying sweetness too. That richness is spurred along by a mix of grape and berry and substantial vanilla creaminess with the softest tart edge that takes you back to those halcyon days of enjoying a soft drink, jelly and ice cream all at once - a combination so decadent it should be made illegal.

Will Ziebell

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