Tallboy & Moose Citra Greenhouse & Skux Life

Tallboy and Moose

Published November 19, 2021

Whether you prefer your New World hops layered atop a chewy IIPA base or a leaner IPL, Tallboy & Moose are on hand to help out as summer 2021 approaches. Starting with the beastlier of the two, Citra Greenhouse, complete with happy hoppy creatures on the label is an IIPA in which lower-than-usual carbonation lends itself to an oily texture laced with plenty of resinous bitterness – there are 16 grams per litre of hops in the mix, after all – and allows the sweeter, booze-giving malts to rein in Citra's aromatic exuberance to leave you with something more candy like. A bit like a 90s tribute IIPA.

Skux Life, in which a quick Google tells me "skux" is Kiwi slang for stud or player, is the IPL and, even if like me you'd not heard the term before, you'll soon know it's a beer with its feet firmly planted in Kiwi hop fields. Nelson Sauvin leads the way, supported by Motueka and Vic Secret, in a beer with a lightly hazy golden pour and a visible appearance of viscosity that is almost matched in the texture. Angular grape and citrus aromas come with a peachy undertow, while there’s pineapple aplenty to taste and no little drying bitterness. An NZ pilsner with extra fuel in the tank.

James Smith

8.2% & 6.0%
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