Mismatch Brewing Co Choc Malt Shake Stout

Mismatch Brewing Co

Released June 20, 2021

In this era of anything goes, and why not try that too while you're at it, it's not uncommon to be presented with a beer that looks a million miles away from the pale lagers of yore. The past few years have seen many graced with epithets like turbid and murky, and now, for the second time in a few weeks, I've encountered one that can be best described as looking like gravy (Bad Shepherd's black NEIPA The Haze Of Revan was the other FYI).

The "Choc Malt Shake Stout" counts vanilla pods, roasted cacao nibs, lactose and oats among its ingredients, and, once you've finished pondering the gravy in front of you, greets you with aromas reminiscent of a bedtime malt beverage. There's a dusty chocolate powder overload too, as if it's been confected by the kid who ignores the instructions on the label and keeps ladling in teaspoon after teaspoon when mum's not looking.

James Smith

Sweet Chocolate Stout
30 IBU
Mismatch Brewing Co

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