Mismatch Brewing Pizza Beer

Mismatch Brewing Co

Released July 12, 2020

Mismatch's headquarters reside on the same block of land as their affiliated restaurant and cellar door, Lot 100, where they're known for great wood-fired pizza amongst other things. When restrictions were put in place due due to COVID-19, the Lot 100 crew found themselves with a lot of excess pizza dough destined for waste if not used soon. Given Mismatch's focus on sustainability, they stepped in: the dough was first cooked off in the pizza oven then added to the mash. Hey presto: pizza lager was born, or should we say rose...

There's little doughy about the appearance of this clear, deep golden beer, that leads off with low-level yeasty esters and a little doughiness on the nose. Malt driven, with flavours of biscuit and, again, a certain breadiness, as well as a touch of Old World hop spice and salinity as the beer slides down. It’s clean and dry, letting the malt and pizza dough do the talking. Great paired with… pizza.

Matt King

Mismatch Brewing Co

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