Mismatch Brewing Pink Lemon Ale

Mismatch Brewing Co

Released January 31, 2021

When the Mismatch team was looking for inspiration for another limited release, they turned to co-founder Marc Huber who suggested a refreshing lemonade-inspired beer to service drinkers' needs in the sizzle of summer. Head brewer Ewan Brewerton and his team got to work, designing a sour base recipe in which lemon juice was added to lower the pH levels. In keeping with the lemon theme, Lemondrop hops were added alongside lactose and raspberry purée to give the beer a light, dusty pinkish tinge not dissimilar to a glass of rosé.

Plump, juicy raspberries meet a lemony acidic kick on the nose, although on the first sip the sourness is gentle and restrained, with the acidity from the lemon juice complemented by the tartness of the raspberries to create a sherbety feel. It's a touch sweet and earthy initially, finishing very dry.

Matt King

Fruited Sour Ale
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