Mismatch Brewing Co New England Lager

Mismatch Brewing Co

Released October 1, 2019

Having praised Mismatch's Lager elsewhere on this site for approaching the style with the classics in mind, here they served up something very different for their spring 2019 release. Where most brewers have opted to pair "New England" with IPA when creating something hazy and hopped to the eyeballs, they decided to follow the path less trodden and go to work with a lager. And, boy, was it worth it.

It pours a very hazy (as it should) pale gold and is all mangoes and pineapples on the nose. It could pass as a fruit juice up front, but don't be deceived as it's tighter and leaner on the palate. Really quite delicious.

New England Lager
Mismatch Brewing Co

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