Holgate Brewhouse Double Trouble (500ml)

Holgate Brewhouse

Published May 12, 2014

You don't see a huge number of Belgian Dubbels been brewed around Australia. Thankfully, generally when you do they are rather tasty. There's Little Brewing's deeply complex Mad Abbot version, Hargreaves' occasional AD (new batch available at the cellar door right now) and a handful of one-offs, while Bright has long had its Fainters Dubbel, recently reworked by head brewer Jon Seltin who, in a conversation last week, declared a barrel-aged version of said beer that is due for a very limited release imminently to be the beer he is currently most excited about. One of the longest in the tooth is Holgate's Double Trouble, another beer that's ' like most in their range ' been given a wee tweak. The latest version, which features a new yeast variety and also comes in eye-catching livery and 500ml champagne bottles, is an absolute treat. It's awash with enticing dried fruit and sweet toffee malt aromas and flavours and has a lovely full and soft mouthfeel to boot. Gently warming without being notably boozy, it's a rich and layered ale that's ideal as the mercury starts to tumble.

Belgian Style Dubbel

On tap at Holgate

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