Holgate Brewhouse Millennium Falcon 2014

Holgate Brewhouse

Published March 9, 2014

The beer originally created for Holgate's 1,000th brew is back. The Star Wars-inspired Millennium Falcon is the brewery's hoppiest beer, sitting atop a hierarchy of pale ales that starts with their Mt Macedon Ale and continues through the Road Trip IPA and Hopinator to this Imperial (or Empirial) IPA. Continuing the Star Wars theme throughout the beer, it features Millennium, Falconer's Flight and Galaxy hops. Plenty of them too, with the beer registering 10 percent ABV and 100 IBU (a measure of bitterness, with 100 also referred to as "shitloads"). We had a taste from the bottle prior to its release and we're happy to report that the 2014 vintage is a step up on the original. This time around, the brewers have captured far more hop aromatics, making it as hard to resist as the Great Pit of Carkoon.

Imperial IPA
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