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Published March 29, 2023

I’ve watched enough movies to know we should be worried about artificial intelligence but should we fear its beers? Dainton Beer are among the many wondering what impact ChatGPT will have on our lives and so they've turned that bot and asked it to design a West Coast IPA, Machine Mind.

Sure, they haven’t entirely handed the keys to the brewhouse over but they did ChatGPT to design the recipe, design and the name. So, what electric hops do androids dream of? Turns out, it feels close enough to where many brewers of West Coasts would go with Simcoe, Mosaic, Strata, Chinook, Columbus and Centennial the chosen hops. It makes for an IPA with a slightly chewy mix of citrus, berry and floral notes that lean towards potpourri with a finish that is both piney and bitter.

As a little experiment and to find out if I still will have a job next week, I asked Chat GPT what such a beer should taste like and here's what they spat out:

Fruity, citrus, piney, tropical, floral, hoppy, malty, spicy, caramel, sweet, juicy, herbal, zesty, resinous, dank, balanced, vibrant, aromatic, smooth, pungent, hazy, crisp, robust, bitter, juicy, refreshing.

Those are fair too many descriptors my robot friend and how can something be crisp and robust? I think my job is secure ... for now.

Will Ziebell

AI-Generated IPA
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