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Published September 6, 2021

Many beer fans are drawn in by hops but I'd argue one of the great beers to enjoy by the pint in a beer garden is a fruited kettle sour. Sure, they might not be as complex as a barrel-aged wild ale, but when you're sitting in the sun a lightly tart, highly effervescent sour with straightforward fruit notes sure hits the spot (I can picture it right now).

Helping matters further is the fact many sit close to 3.5 percent ABV, with the modest booze level aiding their drinkability. Breaking away from that norm are Holgate with Big Pash, a passionfruit sour that's 7 percent ABV – although given the fact pubs are shut in large parts of the country and the weather in Victoria is only starting to warm up, that pint in the sun might be some way off (but, mentally, I'm there).

The booze level might be a little higher for Big Pash but in every other regard it still ticks all the aforementioned boxes: the actual passionfruit in there is aided further by the use of Galaxy hops, with the golden orange beer providing such a hit of said fruit it closely approaches a certain passionfruit-flavoured soft drink. That's enhanced by the high carbonation and the addition of lactose, which provides a slight sweetness that's then balanced by a soft and almost zesty tartness.

Will Ziebell

Passionfruit Sour
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