Stomping Ground Upside Down Brown Ale

Stomping Ground Brewing Co

Published June 14, 2020

As with many of their peers, one of the ways in which Stomping Ground adapted to the time of COVID-19 was to start canning more of their beers – both limited releases and some that had been around for years but only in draught form. Upside Down Brown sits in the latter category: a popular pour at their brewpub in Collingwood but the sort of beer likely to be nudged down the: "What shall we can next?" discussion list in pre-pandemic, pro-hop days.

Why? Well, it's about as unfashionable as they come these days: an English style brown that deals in subtleties of malt character and is more in keeping with flat caps and fires than hazies and 100 metre hype queues. Pouring a ruddy brown (the beer is inspired by the Yarra, after all), you'll pick up some cocoa, hints of nuttiness, a touch of cake batter sweetness, and a vaguely earthy, drying, toasty finish. A little like a dark, crunchy biscuit you'd dip into your coffee and a welcome reminder of the Old World delights pretty much abandoned by the craft beer industry over the past decade.

James Smith

English Brown Ale
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