Young Henrys Mother Shucka

Young Henrys

Published July 3, 2013

They're like London buses, these oyster stouts. You wait an age for one to turn up then two come along at the same time. Yes, pipping The Crafty Pint's effort with Murray's to the public by a week or two comes the Mother Shucka from Young Henrys. Brewed with four dozen Sydney Rock Oysters that went in shells and all to the whirlpool, the inspiration for the beer came one night when brewers Oscar and Rich were enjoying a few oysters at a dinner party and it came out that Oscar's mum is known as the Mother Shucka due to her skills with the shucking knife during their family trips to the South Coast. It's described by Richard as: "a big beast of a beer made with Maris Otter, English Chocolate and black malts."

Crafty Pint NSW went along to sample the competition, what with the Auld Bulgin' Boysterous Bicep being released this month too, and reported back: "48 oysters for a 1400 litre batch (wusses!). Used a hop sock (wusses!). Nice beer, mind. Great on handpump. You get a hint o' the brine at the end." The gauntlet is down!!

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