Young Henrys Brewers B-Sides: Sun Is Shining

Young Henrys

Published February 24, 2022

Sun is Shining is the first Brewers B-Sides release of 2022 for Young Henrys, and perhaps the most optimistic entry into the series that spices up the brewery's core range with seasonal specials. With this sour, the YH brewers hope to leave the stresses of 2020/2021 behind with bucket loads of mandarin and watermelon, some Sabro hops, and the new Philly Sour yeast strain they rate as "groundbreaking", and which has been popping up in such beers all summer long.

A frothy pour reveals a golden mead colour, like a diluted dessert wine, with aromas of mandarin peel that stop short of making you automatically shield your eyes for fear of acidic spray. The watermelon and mandarin work together like Bonnie and Clyde, creating a balanced flavour profile where neither dominates. Take a sip and things start with a sour nudge on the front of your tongue before the beer goes high fiving its way across your taste buds like an athlete running out onto the field (before the aforementioned 2020/2021) for a crisp, tarty finish.

I can't recall if I’ve had a watermelon and mandarin sour before but if I do again it will have to compete with the standard Young Henrys have set, as you’d be hard pushed finding a better sour than this on a sunny day in Newtown.

Benny Kennedy-Cox

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