Young Henrys & Volcom Welcome To Beer'a'dise

Young Henrys

Published October 1, 2021

In 2019, Young Henrys co-founder Oscar McMahon told The Crafty Pint: “One of the things that skateboarding and music lends to someone is that you are completely aware the whole time that you are part of a counter culture. You become really comfortable standing out, or being different, or doing your own thing. And that’s a lot of what the craft beer industry’s about.” You can read the full article here.

Fast forward to 2021 and Young Henrys have joined with skate brand Volcom to celebrate the latter’s 30th birthday. Volcom have been doing their own thing for three decades now, proving to their naysayers that there’s more than one way to grow up and get a real job.

The first way they’re teaming up to celebrate is with this tropical pale ale, Welcome To Beer’a’dise. Hops from around the world – Australia, New Zealand, America and Slovenia – drop into the halfpipe all at once, whizzing past each other with notes of citrus and botanicals, pineapple juice spiked with gin, before closing out with a touch of pine to show they’re serious. Volcom calls it “a beer that sips perfectly at a garage jam session, on the platform of the backyard ramp, or as you kick back over a long weekend.”

The second way the companies are celebrating together is with a party in Sydney Harbour that will include a floating skate showcase (yes you read that right), live music, DJ tunes and surf legends… but you’ll have to wait til February 2022 for that.

There’s also a competition to win tickets to the party and YH x Volcom apparel on the way… in the meantime, enjoy a taste of Beer’a’dise.

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